Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t gone to Bible college or seminary. Do I qualify for the internship?

"While Bible college or seminary is a helpful asset to have, it is not necessary to qualify for the internship.  Interning before attending Bible college or seminary can actually help clarify direction for future education, vocation and ministry. If you are willing to grow theologically and develop as a leader within ministry the internship is a good fit."

- Willem Van Volkingburg (Current Intern) 

Is the internship open to men and women?

"We see opportunities for both men and women to serve as interns within the Met."

- Caleb Bonney (Current Intern) 

What is involved in the study portion of the internship?

"Every month each intern is required to study and prepare a paper on an assigned book. The Timothy Trust Course also requires the interns to create sermons and exegetical overviews of different scriptural passages. In addition to these two required commitments, interns are also able to add-on other content which is suitable for the task’s they are performing. For instance, I was able to study many systematic theology textbooks and biblical commentaries in-order to prepare for my teaching assignments. I was also afforded the ability to study biblical Greek during my internship."

- Gray Barski (Current Intern)

Is it paid?

"Yes, however, you are required to raise a small portion of your salary in support!"

- Caleb Bonney (Current Intern)

What are the hours like?

"A regular week is around 37.5 hours, Monday to Thursday, and Sunday.  The daily hours are typically 9-5, however, this depends on your area of ministry and various ministry events that may require additional time.  The hours are flexible to accompany both the busyness of ministry and adequate rest!"

- Willem Van Volkingburg (Current Intern)

What is the office atmosphere like?

"Fun, realxed, but focused. It has the feel of being with friends but on a mission. It's a good work environment for being producitve but also growing personally."

- Tim Stephens (Current Intern) 

What kind of experience will I get?

"Interns receive a multitude of experiences that directly equip them for vocational ministry. The internship offers training that assists with correctly handling the Word of God. For instance, during the Timothy Trust Course the interns are educated on Scriptural based activities such as exegesis, teaching, and expository preaching. Moreover, interns are afforded the opportunity to learn how to apply their skills directly within ministry settings. For instance, some of the opportunities given within the program include teaching, preaching, and leading the Lord’s supper at different ministries. The internship also includes the ability for the individual to be mentored from a ministry lead, which allows one to receive counsel from experienced ministry professionals. Overall, the cumulative package that the internship offers in-terms of experience provide a rich opportunity for the individual to discern their calling".

-Manasseh Eric M (Current Intern) 

Why did you apply for the internship?

"I applied so that I could serve in a ministry where I could be better equipped to disciple, teach, and share the truth of the gospel. Thankfully, God has been helping me grow dramatically in those areas since my internship." 

- Caleb Bonney (Current Intern)