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Summer Employment 2020 – Overview

At the Met, we want to make an impact on people’s lives by making disciples of Jesus Christ. This comes about by equipping our emerging leaders so they can invest in the lives of those under their care. The Summer Employment Program provides full-time employment that both enables candidates to be able to introduce people to Jesus and helps them on their journey towards becoming devoted followers of Christ. We are looking for individuals ages 18-30 to join our staff team to have a practical, hands-on ministry experience within our Children’s Ministry.

We are looking for:

  • Devoted disciples of Christ who model a passion for God and a love for all people;
  • Those who are able to work full-time (includes weekend work);
  • Leaders who energize others through their passion, optimism and attitude;
  • Those who demonstrate that they will do anything it takes to get the job done;
  • Those who are adaptable and aligned to the requirements;
  • Those who demonstrate communication, shepherding, relational, and task-management skills;
  • Those who are teachable and willing to learn and grow;
  • Those who are proficient in computer database skills and social media.

If you think you fit these criteria then please take a look at the opportunities below.  (Please note, there will be other related duties as well. This is simply a summary.)


  • 32 - 37.5 hours per week, mid-May/June to end of August
  • Will require working Sundays 

Application Deadline:  March 22, 2020

Apply Here

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Available Positions:

METKids Activity Lead

  • Assists with Vacation Bible Camp and Summer camps through data entry, registrations, set-up and tear down, providing leadership as required, and following up with campers;
  • Serves in the Summer Sunday School and develops leadership characteristics during the class experience;
  • Prepares material for the Fall Sunday School program including organizing materials, preparing promotional materials, and engaging with the overall promotion of the program;
  • Receives training in expository Bible teaching for one week in June at the Timothy Trust summer school.

 METKids Administrative Assistant

  • Assists with database-related tasks for the Children’s programs including scheduling, data entry, quality control, database management, training, generating reports and manuals, and analysis;
  • Oversees check-in process for Children’s Ministry on Sundays;
  • Assists in training volunteers for ministry;
  • Assists with teaching in the Vacation Bible Camp, Summer camps, and Summer Sunday School classes and follows up with camp attendees;
  • Receives training in expository Bible teaching for one week in June at the Timothy Trust summer school.