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Speaker: Jonathan Griffiths, Lead Pastor
Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Children's Ministries

Activity Ministry Description Role
Sunday School Database Coordinator
METKids Elementary Sunday School Check-In Attendant
METKids Elementary Sunday School Helper
METKids Elementary Sunday School Large Group Teachers
METKids Elementary Sunday School Musician
METKids Elementary Sunday School Security
METKids Elementary Sunday School Small Group Shepherd
METKids Elementary Sunday School Small Group Shepherd (Substitute)
METKids Elementary Sunday School Special Needs Assistant
METKids' Clubs: Awana Cubbies Secretary
METKids' Clubs: Awana Cubbies Small Group Worker
METKids' Clubs: Awana General Audio/Visual Technician
METKids' Clubs: Awana General Check-In Attendants
METKids' Clubs: Awana General Photographer
METKids' Clubs: Awana General Quiz Coordinator
METKids' Clubs: Awana General Special Events Coordinator
METKids' Clubs: Awana General Verse Listener
METKids' Clubs: Awana Puggles Director
METKids' Clubs: Awana Puggles Secretary
METKids' Clubs: Awana Puggles Small Group Worker
METKids' Clubs: Awana Sparks Small Group Worker
METKids' Clubs: Awana Truth & Training Games Leader / Helper
METKids' Clubs: Awana Truth & Training Secretary
METKids' Clubs: Awana Truth & Training Small Group Worker
METTykes Nursery Caregivers (Adults)
METTykes Nursery Caregivers (Adults) Monthly
METTykes Nursery Caregivers (Teens)
METTykes Nursery Coordinator
METTykes Nursery Maintenance Crew
METTykes Nursery Team Leader
METTykes Preschool Check-In Attendant
METTykes Preschool Sunday School Bible Teacher
METTykes Preschool Sunday School Maintenance Crew
METTykes Preschool Sunday School PITT Crew Leader
METTykes Preschool Sunday School Substitutes

City Outreach

Activity Ministry Description Role
Evangelism Follow-Up Team
METCompassion Special Events Planning Team Member
METCompassion Bridges Devotional Leaders
METCompassion Bridges Food Preparation Volunteer
METCompassion Bridges Sound Techs
METCompassion Bridges Volunteers
METCompassion Bridges Worship Leaders
METCompassion MALTA Group Homes Alpha / Bible Study Table Leader
METCompassion MALTA Group Homes Alpha / Bible Study Assistant Table Leader
METCompassion MALTA Group Homes Bible Study / Special Event Volunteer
METCompassion MALTA Group Homes Hospitality Team
METCompassion Operation Backpack Volunteer
METCompassion Restoring Hope Donations
METCompassion Restoring Hope Meal Preparation Volunteer
METCompassion Restoring Hope Youth Mentor
METCompassion Visioning, Coordination and Planning Team Member
Outreach Basketball Tournament Volunteer
Partnering Churches Britannia Bapist Church Musician
Partnering Churches Britannia Community Kids Ministry Volunteer
Partnering Churches Britannia Community Linking Lives: Family Befriending
Partnering Churches Britannia Community Masha Krupp Christmas Event Hospitality Volunteer
Partnering Churches Britannia Community Masha Krupp Christmas Event Musicians and Speakers
Partnering Churches Britannia Community Prayer Team Member
Partnering Churches Britannia Community Youth Ministry Volunteer
Partnering Churches Hoop Nights Basketball Camp Coaches and Assistants
Prison Ministry Friendship Volunteer
Seniors Residences Ministry Christmas Event Hospitality
Seniors Residences Ministry Devotional Teacher
Seniors Residences Ministry Musician
Sports Drop-In Ball Hockey Leaders
Sports Drop-In Basketball Leaders
Sports MetroHoops Basketball Camp Basketball Coach
Sports MetroHoops Basketball Camp General Volunteer
Sports Women's Fitness Class Devotional Tip Coach
Sports Women's Fitness Class Greeters
Sports Women's Fitness Class Helpers

Community Life

Activity Ministry Description Role
Community Groups Group Leader Coach
Community Groups Host
Community Groups Leader
Community Groups Prayer Warriors
Welcome Teams Connections Hub Connections Hub Coordinator
Welcome Teams Connections Hub Connector
Welcome Teams First Aid Team First Aid Volunteers
Welcome Teams Greeting Team Greeter
Welcome Teams Information Kiosk Information Kiosk Volunteer
Welcome Teams Library Archivist
Welcome Teams Library Circulation Desk Assistant
Welcome Teams Library Committee Member
Welcome Teams Library Shelver
Welcome Teams Parking Team Attendant
Welcome Teams Security Team Security Volunteer
Welcome Teams Usher Team Usher
Welcome Teams Welcome Blanket Welcome Blanket Volunteer


Activity Ministry Description Role
Deacons Visitation Visiting Shut In's / Convalescence
Funerals Hospitality Team Food Preparation Volunteer
GriefShare Serving Team
GriefShare Table Hosts
Men Out Serving Together (MOST) Volunteers
MET Seniors Food Preparation / Food Service Team
MET Seniors Volunteer Drivers
MET Seniors Worship
METKneemail Prayer Ministry Prayer Warriors


Activity Ministry Description Role
METChoir Choir Member
METOrchestra Instrumentalists
Photo / Video Production Team Camera Operator
Photo / Video Production Team Director
Photo / Video Production Team Graphic Designer
Photo / Video Production Team METLIFE Video Host
Photo / Video Production Team Photographer
Photo / Video Production Team Video Editor
Photo / Video Production Team Videographer
Technical Team Camera Operators
Technical Team Projection Technician
Technical Team Sound Technician
Worship Team Worship Team Member


Activity Ministry Description Role
Kiosk Attendant
Member Care Team

Student Ministries

Activity Ministry Description Role
METYouth Security
METYouth Youth Lounge Concession Operator
METYouth High School Coaches
METYouth High School Sponsors
METYouth Junior High Audio/Visual Technicians
METYouth Junior High Coaches
METYouth Junior High Database Coordinator
METYouth Junior High Faithful Service Coordinator
METYouth Junior High Games Coordinator
METYouth Junior High Sponsors
METYouth Junior High Worship Coordinators
Young Adults AV Tech
Young Adults Hospitality Team
Young Adults Mentors
Young Adults Prayer Warriors
Young Adults Small Group Leaders
Young Adults Worship

Women's Ministries

Activity Ministry Description Role
Woman to Woman Administration
Woman to Woman Hospitality Team
Woman to Woman Kitchen Coordinator
Woman to Woman Prayer Team
Woman to Woman Special Event Team
Woman to Woman Welcome Team
Woman to Woman Worship
Woman to Woman W2W Kids Childcare Worker
Women's Disciplemaking Contagious Christians
Women's Disciplemaking Faithful Shepherds
Women's Disciplemaking Mentors
Women's Disciplemaking Prayer Counsellors
Women's Evening Edition Administration
Women's Evening Edition Audio/Visual Technicians
Women's Evening Edition Greeters
Women's Evening Edition Hospitality Helpers
Women's Evening Edition Hospitality Lead
Women's Evening Edition Small Group Co-Leaders
Women's Evening Edition Special Events
Women's Evening Edition Worship Team

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Location: Offsite

Worship Service
Time: 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Location: Sanctuary

Time: 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Location: Fellowship Centre

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