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The Met - Rules of Order

Proxy voting:

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can appoint another Met Member to be your Proxy and vote on your behalf.  To appoint a proxy you can either: Complete and submit an online form by clicking Online Proxy Form or Print a form and deliver it to the Met office by 4:00, Friday May 24; for a printed form click Proxy Print Form or visit The Met office.

Bylaw Highlights re The Met’s Members’ Meetings:

  1. Proxy Voting - A voting Member may appoint another voting Member of The Metropolitan Bible Church Ministry and Property Corporations (a Proxy), to attend and vote in their place. Proxy votes count towards quorum.
  2. quorum (minimum number of members present in person or by proxyof 35% of total voting members is required to transact business at a members’ meeting.  If quorum is not present at the start of a members’ meeting to transact business/vote, the business meeting is adjourned but may continue as an information session.
  • How do I appoint a Proxy?  Complete the Proxy Voting Form, before 4:00 pm on the Friday preceding the meeting date.
  • How many Proxy appointments can one Member have?  A Proxy may represent a maximum of 2 other Members per meeting.  
  • What is The Met’s quorum?   Quorum varies depending on number of Members.  At our last members’ meeting of February 10, quorum equaled 183 members.

Prior to a meeting packets of information containing the proxy statement are sent to all Members via email or mail, and are posted on the Member page of The Met’s website.  It can be easy to discount the importance of voting – active participation in The Met’s corporate governance is the privilege and responsibility of a Member.   If you cannot attend a Members’ Meeting, or friend or family member cannot attend, please take the time to complete a Proxy Voting Form.

If you have any questions please email or call 613-238-8182.