Becoming a Member

The Christian life in the New Testament is church life.

Membership allows participation in all official church actions, such as voting on church business and organizational matters. This way members share ownership in the church's strategic and ministerial direction and indicate they are willing to work within the decisions made by the church on these matters.

Interested in becoming a Met member? There are certain requirements that we ask be met before a person can become a member:

  • Attend a Met Membership Class. This is offered 3-4 times per year. In the class, the candidate will review material about the church, its mission and purpose, and receive an application for Membership.
  • Submit completed application for Membership.
  • Meet with two church elders to discuss your faith journey.
  • Application reveiwed and approved by the Met Board.
  • New Member is then presented to the Met family at a Members' Meeting.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit The Hub on Sunday mornings, contact the church office, or email

Our Ministry Corporation Bylaws list the qualifications for membership as follows:

5.1 Membership Qualifications
The Board may, after consultation with all or some of the Pastoral Staff, receive into Membership any person who:
(a) has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour;
(b) desires to live a consistent Christian life;
(c) submits a written application for Membership, in a form approved by the Board, in which the person enters into the Member’s Covenant;
(d) has completed a satisfactory interview with at least two Directors, or, at the Board’s discretion, one Director and one Deacon; and
(e) has attained age 18 or, if less than 18 was a Member prior to the effective date.
For the duration of, and by virtue of, his pastoral call with the Church, a Pastor and his wife are deemed to be Members without having to be received into membership in the manner set forth above. If a Pastor marries after he has been appointed a Pastor at the Church, his wife may be received into membership in the normal manner set forth above. Following his termination as a Pastor at the Church, the membership of the Pastor and his wife will be reviewed by the Board.
(Galatians 6:2b; Hebrews 13:7, 17; 2 Peter 3:18; 1 John 2:3, 6)


Members' Meeting Files

The Met - Rules of Order

Proxy Appointment Forms for the upcoming Members' Meeting on February 9, 2020, will be available commencing January 9, 2020. Members will be emailed a link to online and printable Proxy Forms.

Bylaw Highlights re the Met’s Members’ Meetings:

  1. Proxy Voting - A voting Member may appoint another voting Member of The Metropolitan Bible Church Ministry and Property Corporations (a Proxy), to attend and vote in their place. Proxy votes count towards quorum.
  2. quorum (minimum number of members present in person or by proxyof 35% of total voting members is required to transact business at a members’ meeting.  If quorum is not present at the start of a members’ meeting to transact business/vote, the business meeting is adjourned but may continue as an information session.
  • How do I appoint a Proxy?  Complete the Proxy Voting Form, before 4:00 pm on the Friday preceding the meeting date.
  • How many Proxy appointments can one Member have?  A Proxy may represent a maximum of 2 other Members per meeting.  
  • What is The Met’s quorum?   Quorum varies depending on number of Members.  At our last members’ meeting of February 10, quorum equaled 183 members.

Prior to a meeting packets of information containing the proxy statement are sent to all Members via email or mail, and are posted on the Member page of the Met’s website.  It can be easy to discount the importance of voting – active participation in the Met’s corporate governance is the privilege and responsibility of a Member.   If you cannot attend a Members’ Meeting, or friend or family member cannot attend, please take the time to complete a Proxy Voting Form.

If you have any questions please email or call 613-238-8182.