Welcome to the best group in the church. Shh, don't tell the others. We are so glad you are here. Our desire is to come alongside engage, support, and equip youth to faithfully live lives that honor God. At the Met, Junior High (Gr.7-8) and Senior High (Gr. 9-12) students come together for weekly fellowship in a variety of ways.
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2023/24 Registration Events

METYouth - As It Happens

Tuesday evening, from 6 pm - 9/9:30 pm, we gather for music, prayer, diving into the Bible, and various games. Our hope is that together we can journey towards spiritual maturity and honoring Jesus well. Students join and help lead this large group time of fellowship. After, students meet in small groups to give a great opportunity for questions, prayer, and fellowship with their mentors.

METYouth continues all through the week. Mentors meet and connect with students, the Student Leadership group plans for Tuesdays, events, and retreats, and METYouth life continues on Instagram, YouTube, via emails and serving opportunities.


L.I.T -  Our students serve throughout the church and the youngest of them (12-year-olds) join in the Leaders in Training program. This is a great opportunity for youth to see what it is like to serve in different areas of the church and gather for a brief bible study as we seek to grow in our knowledge of the Lord and service of him.

Quizzing ministry runs for our students to commit to Bible memorization. Meeting weekly to develop their memorization of scripture and learn its meaning through study and prayer together. Throughout the year we meet up with students from other churches for fellowship and quizzing tournaments.

We also encourage our students to consider continuing their post-high school education in Christ-centered environments. To help them with that, some of the members of our church began a scholarship program to help with the cost of that step.

YouTube Instagram Scholarship Fund