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Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Sunday, June 28, 2020

Members' Questions for the AGM

(Questions must be received prior to Friday, June 26, 2020 in order to be considered. Please submit your questions by emailing [email protected].)

1. Q:  A family member and I share the same email address – will we each receive an ID, password, and link for electronic voting?

A:  Yes, each Met Member has a unique personal ID number and will receive a unique electronic voting ID, password, and Simply Voting link, regardless of email address.

2. Q: How many Director positions are open on each Board?

A:  As noted in the biographies of Director nominees, four positions are open on the Ministry Board and one position is open on the Property Board. Because the number of nominees is equal to the number of openings on each Board, this will be a ratification vote. Per the respective bylaws, a ratification vote requires that:
(i) each of the Ministry Board nominees must receive over 2/3 of the total Member votes cast to be elected.
(ii) the Property Board nominee must receive over 50% of the total Member votes cast to be elected.

3. Q: How will quorum be calculated?

A: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, government regulations have allowed quorum to be calculated using total number of votes cast.  Based on membership figures as of June 1, 2020, our required quorum is 190 votes. Votes cast between the opening of electronic voting on June 14 at 9:00am through to the close of voting on June 28 at 4:30pm, plus paper ballots received by end of day on June 25, will be included in the quorum calculation.

4. Q: In light of the fact that The Met has to rely on older Board members to run for office again, has The Met done enough to advertise the positions and to recruit new members to this office? I would ask that The Met leaves these positions empty for another while to provide the time to recruit fresh members to the Board. Alternatively, could the existing Board members continue in their positions for a few months longer?

A: The Nominating Committee has worked extremely hard to come up with at least four candidates for the Ministry Corporation Board from the church membership roster who meet the criteria for eldership laid out in the bylaws. We are delighted at the renewed interest in church membership over this past year. As the membership grows, our hope and prayer is that there will be more men on the church membership roster who meet the criteria for eldership and are willing to serve as Directors in the future. The bylaws provide term limits to enable others to contribute as Director. Asking someone to continue beyond his term is a violation of the church bylaws.

5. Q: Using the electronic voting system, can the church see who I voted for or is my vote anonymous? 

A: Your vote is anonymous. The Met is employing Simply Voting, an independently managed server and service, for electronic voting. The Met does not have access to your vote; election results will not be known until the election is closed at 4:30pm on Sunday, June 28.  

6. Q: Who are stepping down from the Ministry and Property Boards?

A: We are grateful for the contributions of the following Directors, who will be stepping down:

  • Ministry Board – Bob Shaver, Glen Ewen, Mark Donaldson, Richard Loewen
  • Property Board – Andrew Harwood

7. Q: Will I be able to see everyone who is attending when I connect to the virtual Zoom AGM?  Will the Board members be able to see me?

A: The AGM has been set up as a Zoom Webinar – you can see and hear the Board members and presenters but they cannot see or hear you.

8. Q:  How can I ask questions at the AGM?

A: Questions must be submitted to the Board BEFORE Friday, June 26, 2020.  Email questions to [email protected]; responses will be posted on this page.  The Board will not be answering Members’ questions during the AGM. 

Members' Resources

2020 Budgets - Both the Ministry and Property Board budgets were passed at the Members' Meeting on February 9, 2020.

Nominating Committees

Nominating Committee Guidelines for 2020


Bylaw Highlights Regarding Members’ Meetings:

1. Proxy Voting - A voting Member may appoint another voting Member of the Metropolitan Bible Church Ministry and Property Corporations (a Proxy), to attend and vote in their place. Proxy votes count towards quorum.

2. Quorum (minimum number of members present in person or by proxy) of 35% of total voting members is required to transact business at a Members’ Meeting. If quorum is not present at the start of a Members’ Meeting to transact business/vote, the business meeting is adjourned but may continue as an information session.

  • How many Proxy appointments can one Member have? A Proxy may represent a maximum of 2 other Members per meeting.
  • What is the Met’s quorum? Quorum varies depending on number of Members. For our Members’ Meeting on February 9, 2020, quorum was 184 Members.

Prior to a meeting packets of information containing the proxy statement are sent to all Members via email or mail, and are posted on the Member page of the Met’s website. It can be easy to discount the importance of voting – active participation in the Met’s corporate governance is the privilege and responsibility of a Member. If you cannot attend a Members’ Meeting, or friend or family member cannot attend, please take the time to complete a Proxy Voting Form.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call 613-238-8182.

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