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Missionary in Training Program

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What is it?

The Missionary in Training initiative is a paid, full-time, two-year opportunity designed to equip servants of the gospel in the nations of the world. Through it, we’re committed to providing tools, experience, and support through the local church. The desired outcome is to prepare men and women for effective, Word-based and discipleship focused full-time global missionary service.

Why we have an MIT program

The Met is committed to raising up a new generation of missionaries by helping people who sense a calling to enter full-time mission learn how to properly handle the Word of God, which we believe is an essential element for cross-cultural ministry. We don't just want to look at where missions has been in the church, but focus on and be a part of where it is going.

Why you should apply

Applicants will have the opportunity to gain clarity on their sense of calling to enter into full-time missionary service. You will have the unique opportunity to do so in the context of a local church committed to making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in the nations of the world. Applicants with university level-education and some ministry experience preferred.

Program features

The Met is committed to helping its missionaries in training grow in maturity through serving as full-time members of our staff team while serving in various ministry contexts within our local body of believers. They will grow in knowledge of God’s Word and missions through reading and entry into seminary-level training courses. They will have the opportunity to apply God’s Word through ministry and preaching. They will develop meaningful relationships with senders and will be given mentors to walk with every step of the way. They will have access to many in The Met's missionary family to provide insights from different ministries in varied locations around the globe. Finally, Met MITs will pray regularly with a core prayer team and will gain an introduction to the discipline and strategy of global church planting.

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Ajith Fernando

Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

I have admired the approach to ministry that has characterised the life of the Met Bible Church, and now I am happy to see its approach being imparted to new batches of missionaries. At a time when thinking about missions and ministry has been hijacked by lesser concerns, it is good to see movements that let all ministry strategy flow from the Scriptures and that train people to be skilled in applying the Scriptures to meet the deep needs of people. May this program help raise many faithful and effective reapers in God's harvest fields.

Todd Kelly

Global Ministries Director, Leadership Resources International

What does it take to raise up a Peter or Paul who, amidst all opposition, lives and proclaims the freedom found in Jesus alone? The same as always…immersion in the Word, transformation by God’s Spirit, and a loving, lasting partnership that exists within Christ’s church. This fertile environment cultivates a love for God and neighbor, which alone sustains the heart. It forms the habits that seek His vision, pursue Biblical strategies and sharpen practice. I am so grateful for the Met, a church eager to provide such an environment and grow missionaries for the days ahead.